Terms and Conditions

  1. All agreements are done via email and are a legal and binding contract.
  2. Once we have begun the recording process payment is expected in full before the files are delivered.
  3. Adam will not hold hostage any songs that have been paid for in full. He wants you to use them on your project!
  4. Any technical downloading issues will be addressed between Adam and the recipient of the tracks. He will always do his best to ensure prompt downloads are available once the tracks are paid for.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the end product a deal can be done for re-dos of the songs at a reduced rate.
  6. If for any reason you need to terminate the song before it is recorded, written notice of the termination must be emailed to Adam before the song has been recorded. If the song is already complete and the download link is available, payment will be expected.

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