I cannot thank the following companies enough for their continued support of my career. Each of these guys make an amazing high end product that has stood out for me. These are instrumental to me in creating my voice behind the drum kit and I couldn't express my music the way I do without them. So this is my way of saying thank you.


Drums - Risen Drums

These guys have been working with me for many many years now. I have played on literally 20 of their kits and I've loved every single one of them for different reasons. Not only the amazing custom sounds of each shell, but the master craftsmanship that they put into each instrument. I absolutely LOVE this company. I cannot even imagine playing another set of drums. Thanks to Keith Anderson for his tireless pursuit of passion.



Cymbals - Sabian

Years ago I spent time with Rich Redmond (Drummer Jason Aldean) out on tour. I loved Rich's cymbals. Naturally I decided to talk to Sabian about getting some gear. They were amazingly helpful at helping me find the sound that would be articulate me as a player. I tend to love really dark and nasty crashes and rides that have a nice wash to them. Their HHX series was absolutely perfect for me. I have a massive array of cymbals from them. All of them are stunning in appearance and sound fantastic. Amazing gear! Great people!



Heads - Evans Drumheads

I've played Evans drum heads since I was a really young player. I almost always use a GMAD Clear on the kick drum. G2 Coated heads on the toms on the tops, G1 clear on all the bottom heads, the power center reverse dot, hydraulic, ebony, etc on my snare tops, and hazy clears on my snare bottoms. From the beginning of my playing career I have relied on Evans to get the tones that I want out of my drums. So far I've always had amazing success using them to get exactly the sounds I need for my projects!




Drumsticks - Vater

For the last 20 years I've used Vater Drumsticks. I've finally landed on Vater fusions as my stick of choice for most projects. Their sticks, brushes, and alternative sound source sticks have always worked super well for me. They feel consistent, comfortable, and always have the highest in quality. I have a huge selection of different models that I use for different feels. There is something about playing a big rock song with a big fat pair of sticks, and then trimming down for a girl-pop track for an up and coming rocker in L.A. I've always been proud of use their products!



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