Bring life to

your music with

Online Custom Drum Tracks by Adam Silverman Rock • Country • Pop • CCM • Blues • Whatever HOW IT WORKS

Online Drum Tracks

Bring life to

your music with

Custom Drum Tracks by Adam Silverman Rock • Country • Pop • CCM • Blues • Whatever HOW IT WORKS

Online Drum Tracks

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  • “Adam is not a typical band drummer. His aggressive work ethic, sensitivity to the greater good of the song, and ability to execute changes quickly and accurately are the markings of an up-and-coming session drummer who we will be hearing for years to come.”

    Rob Burrell
    Mix Engineer and Producer | Nashville, TN
  • “I have been working with Adam for about 5 years and he still blows me away. He gives me exactly what I’m looking for and more! Adam’s feel is what really makes my tracks have that special sound”

    Anthony Mazza
    Producer/Engineer - Los Angeles, CA
  • “When I first heard Adam play drums, I knew he was special. Adam is incredibly diverse making him an easy fit for any particular style you may need out of a drummer.  I’m always confident that whatever I throw his way will come back to me exactly the way I need it.  He’s flexible, easy to work with, always ready to serve you and the song(s) to your liking. Adam’s always at the top of my list when it comes to drummers.”

    Chris Lockwood
    Singer / Songwriter / Producer | Nashville, TN
  • “Adam has the two things I always look for in a musician that I work with – skill and heart.  As a skilled drummer, he is consistent, reliable, creative and flexible.  As a man, he is laid back, positive, and brings energy and joy to every session he plays.  These two things make him a must call for any project.”

    Derek West
    Studio Owner / Producer / Engineer - Nashville, TN
  • “Adam is such an amazing person and musician. I loved every minute of being on the road with him. He always made me feel so comfortable and had my back like the greatest big brother, and MAN what a drummer.”

    Lauren Alaina
    UMG Recording Artist | Nashville, TN
  • “Adam is an amazing drummer and a super great person. You want him to be a part of your project. He learn your material quickly, plays it better than you imagined it…”

    Risa Binder
    Artist | Warehouse Records
  • “Adam brings a wide set of skills to the table underscored by a natural musicality and rock solid feel, as well as a super positive attitude that makes him a pleasure to work with.”

    Ryan Bull
    Band Leader - Las Vegas, NV

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